Nearly No Carb Bread, Pork Belly, and Cod Liver Salad


Last few days I’ve been playing in the kitchen. I made cream cheese (really it’s more of a farmer’s cheese, but I’m not too picky about it). Then I used the cream cheese to make the “Nearly No-Carb Bread” recipe from Low Carb Yum, only I made my own baking powder (which is just 2 tsp cream of tartar & 1 tsp of baking SODA, thoroughly mixed). 

Then today, I had a glorious lunch – two slices of pork belly, which we had cooked in the sous vide and then sliced and fried up, with 2 pieces of “Nearly No-Carb Bread” on the side, which were topped with canned cod livers, fork-blended with some of the cream cheese and a little butter. It was decadent!


The bread recipe –

(I would like to note that you’ll need about 95g of the crushed pork rinds – I measured and weighed several times and I just can’t get 46g of crushed pork rinds to equal 1 cup)  

I cut my bread into 12 portions; they’re kind of enormous. Could have easily cut into 15 pieces or more – give some consideration to what you’ll use them for, when cutting!


You can get Cod Livers in some stores, or so I’ve heard – I haven’t been able to find them where I live so I got mine on Amazon – but check ingredients – some are seasoned and others aren’t! –

For my seafood salad there on top of the bread, I drained the livers (because I accidentally got seasoned ones, so I drained and rinsed), then mixed in 2 Tbsp of softened cream cheese (see below), and 1 Tbsp of butter, plus a sprinkle of salt. Feel free to play around with seasoning it; I was going for something incredibly simple.


Homemade Cream Cheese

…’ll need these, if you don’t already have:

Fine Mesh Strainer

Cheesecloth – I prefer the reusable kind! –


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