Family Favorite Meatloaf

Dinner u Jour: Meatloaf – a familiar family standby.

I used this recipe – – but I halved it, and then added a little riced cauliflower. It was a hit! The husband ate it! The teenagers ate it! I saved the recipe for sure.

Because I halved it, I didn’t have a loaf pan of the “right” size… aluminum disposable pans to the rescue! I used the 8 x 4 size, because that is, conveniently, the same size I use to make the crustless pizzas. Win! (

I used crushed pork rinds instead of the almond flour ( 25 grams, which is about the same 1/3 measure, but ZERO carbs

I greased the pan with coconut oil – refined, so no coconut taste. I just spread it on with my fingers. ( Then chopped up just a little bit of onion – only 42 grams (1.5oz), and minced the garlic clove. I don’t happen to have any celery in the house, so I omitted that and used the riced cauliflower instead (Carrie’s video on the different ways to rice cauliflower:

I also didn’t have enough cheddar already grated (by hand, no pre-shredded, starch-coated cheese ’round here). So I used all that I DID have, and supplemented with pepper-jack for the remaining 3/4 ounce I needed. I figured with the chili powder in, it would be a good match

I could have used liquid aminos as it calls for ( – we do have some; I could have used coconut aminos, which we also have (;but I opted for Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce ( I’ve mentioned before that for my family, this is our best choice because it is totally gluten free, which means my oldest son can eat it. The trade off is a touch of sugar. For me it’s worth a single tablespoon in an entire dinner

Although it calls for 80/20 ground beef, what I have in my freezer is the 85/15. I don’t love fatty hamburger, and I didn’t want to bacon-wrap (or glaze) this meatloaf. I prefer to add my fat on the side as a sauce or something. That’s what is in the jar here.

While the meatloaf cooked, I roasted a red bell pepper in the handiest kitchen gadget, my combination air fryer / convection oven / toaster oven ( Cranked it up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, because that’s as high as the Cuisinart we own goes. I put the pepper on an eitght sheet tray (, roasted for about 20 min then turned it over and roasted another 15-20 min

Then I covered it up with another aluminum loaf pan (handy things) and left it in the turned off toaster oven to do the steaming-cooling-skin puckering thing for 30 minutes. At the end of that time, I ripped off the stem, cut the peppers in 1/4s and removed the seeds & skins. Then I sliced them up and tossed them in the blender along with the grease that came out of the meatloaf (which I did strain through a fine mesh sieve – I blended the bejeebers out of it, till it became this wonderful smooth, fatty sauce

Unfortunately, I forgot about it, and it sat there, lonely, on the counter, until I put it away. But it will be good on other things instead!

(and yes, these are affiliate links, benefitting my good friends Carrie Brown and Yogi Parker. Feel free to visit their site at and pokaround. Lots of great info, recipes, and photos. As always, it costs nothing extra to use these links to purchase, but helps them out a bit. And right now we all can stand a little extra help 💙💙💙)

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