Keto Cinnamon Bagel Bites

I thought it might be nice to start our Sunday with a “sit down and eat together” family breakfast. It didn’t actually happen, but I did think it would be nice, so I made these Keto Cinnamon Bagel Bites. Then we all ended up standing around eating as we got ready for the day. But if you think a nice family treat breakfast sounds like a neat idea, read on! First, here’s the original recipe link: Keto Cinnamon Bagel Bites
  1. Nothing like a bagel. If it were my recipe, I would have called them donut holes.
  2. It says it makes 16… those would have been ENORMOUS. At the size in my pic, I made 28!
  3. SUPER yum, but only to me, I guess.
  4. The coconut flour flavor was quite apparent, I didn’t mind it but my kids (teenagers, and not even low carb let alone keto) didn’t like them very much, and said there was something a little bitter about them. And my husband (low carb but not keto) agreed that something tasted a little strange, but he did all that he was served.
  5. I think my menfolk are all weird! I loved the bagel (donut) bites, and, uh, I ate almost all of the ones that the boys left on their plates. Oops.
  6. I made a glaze to go on/over, by softening 3 tablespoons cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of butter, mixing them together with a mini whisk, and adding  a few drops of vanilla extract, a couple of teaspoons of allulose, and a tiny bit of water to thin it out to a glaze consistency. It was very good, but yes, it  added quite a few carbs.
If you want to make these Keto Cinnamon Bagel Bites, click the link!
I made a few changes… OF COURSE I made a few changes!!
  • In the dough, I used pure monk fruit extract instead of the Lakanto. This might be where the taste came from, but we aren’t sure. Gee, I guess I’ll have to make them again and test the theory. Rats. The main reason I didn’t use the Lakanto Classic that the recipe calls for is because Lakanto is mostly erythritol which my husband does not like, plus I wanted a chance to try this stuff: 100% Natural Monk Fruit Sweetener
    • Of course, the serving size on this stuff is 180 MILLIGRAMS, so there was a little math and a milligram scale involved… which I happen to have (I LOVE this thing, I use it several times a day)
  • For the cinnamon topping AND in the glaze, we opted for Allulose as the sweetener.
  • I used a cookie scoop to get the bagel (donut) bites all the same size, what an invaluable kitchen tool! I have OXO cookie scoops.
And I used a silicone pastry brush like this at first, to put the butter on, but the bagel (donut) bites kept rolling around and I was a little frustrated after about a quarter of them were done. In the end I put the rest of the bagel (donut) bites in my cookie pan – it has raised sides – drizzled the butter over the them, and rolled them around the cookie sheet to coat them. Then put the cinnamon/allulose mixture in a shaker and sprinkled it on the bagel (donut) bites. Sprinkle, shake, sprinkle, shake. So much faster than doing things individually!
Here’s that link again, if you’re looking for it!

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